Welcome to our weather station site. It updates every 5 minutes. Our station is located in the Parc Foret section of Montreux at 5550 feet above sea level. You can email us at info@goybs.com

Visit our blog page on the web by Clicking Here. Our 2020-21 WINTER FORECAST is posted as of October 3rd. The page was updated October 15th.


Daily Weather Forecast

Sunny and warm with light afternoon winds today. Look for Reno to reach 79° and Montreux 76°. Another beautiful Fall day in Northern Nevada. Look for sunny skies some light afternoon west winds and above seasonal temperatures. The weather through Wednesday looks to be about the same as High Pressure remains over the area. Air quality will remain good except in Mono County where smoke from the Creek Fire persists. Nights will be cool with shorter days and longer nights. Dry weather will continue likely all week although we can expect temperatures to become more seasonal later in the week as the Ridge retrogrades a bit west allowing cooler air from the north to brush by. A hint of possible precipitation in early November.

See the 6 to 10 day temperature & precipitation graphic below.

Note : Rain gauge totals during snow periods are not accurate. Gauge is not heated and totals are delayed until temperature is above freezing.


From the National Weather Service.
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