Christian Ministry Consulting
Church Planning and Development - YBS works with churches and ministries to develop a course specific to the needs and wishes of the leadership. Often churches are grown around the leadership of individuals who God has called to lead. As they grow, often the business of running the church can be overwhelming and a distraction to the main focus. We can help by creating ways to deal with the day to day business of running a church or ministry. This can include, but is not limited to building expansion, personel, fund raising, developing office systems, computerization or more.

Ministry Planning - If you are a para-church organization that does conferences, radio ministry, retreats or publishing, we can help you with your organization and planning. We have experience producing video and audio Bible study series, Christian retreat organization and planning, conference ministry development and other "outside the church" ministries.

Non Profit Incorporation - If your organization is seeking to become a 501C3 non profit corporation , we can help you through the whole process. We can incorporate you in Nevada or just help you walk through the 501C3 process with the IRS. We have a vast amount of experience and work with Christian lawyers and accountants in the process.

YBS Inc. Reno, Nevada USA